The differences between science and religion have become particularly rancorous in modern times. Science is wholly concerned with material substance. Religion is wholly concerned with a non-material life force called spirit. The entire created universe of Time, Space, and causation descended from, coalesced from, has been projected from, invisible non-material forces. The non-material preceded visible, material substance. Therefore the non-material enjoys a pre-eminent position.

God, the Maker, is generally defined as the thinker of the first thought, the first mind that had self awareness, the One before which there were no others, the uncaused cause of all causation. Religion says God can be known. Science says God is unknowable, and therefore unprovable. Max Planck proffered that never would the science of the maker be identified by the science of the made. But Planck was wrong.

In a past so distant that all mankind was of one mind there was need of neither science nor religion. But as the root races of man expanded and migrated across the globe, and as different tongues developed, the communal unity of mind was fractured, never again to be whole. The weakness of religion is that it relies on mere belief. Belief is a form of not knowing. What is not knowing ever going to lead to? Science unifies itself in infallible repeatability. Therein lies its claim to superiority in our Times.

But there remains a lingua franca that unifies both these spheres and it is called mathematics. Mathematics is largely taken as a science, but it also functions as a universal language. Seen as such, indeed the science of the Maker may be identified by the science of the made. We may identify the Creator from its creation. In fact, it has already been done.

Modern man lives with the conceit that we are the most learned of all the generations that have gone before. But it wasn’t until the 17th century of the common era that we were able to communicate mathematically with the past, and to recognize it for what it was; vastly more advanced than our own. The proof of this statement, and of the Creator, is found in the dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Cheops.

It is a little known fact that each edge of the Great Pyramid of Cheops is the distance the Earth spins at the equator in ½ second as time is metered out. A tarnished religious legacy still claims, and insists be taught, that the Earth was thought flat before the ‘discovery’ of the New World. The ancient Egyptians certainly could not have sub-divided the equator into half second increments without knowing the planet to be a globe. But a tradition of ignorance perpetuates itself in school books everywhere to this day.

Insofar as the Great Pyramid is taken to be at least 4.5 to 5.5 thousand years old, and given the condition we find it in today, it is understandable that its pristine measurements are subject to speculation. The first modern measurement of the Pyramid was made by a French savant named Edme François Jomard in the beginning of the 19th century. He found Cheops to be 757.5 feet per side. The more learned one is, the more one might disagree with this postulation, but it works where all others fail. The precise number is 757.523149 feet.

If this be so, then the circumference of the Earth may be determined as follows:

757.523149 feet X 2 = 1 second of spin
                          X 60 seconds in a minute
                          X 60 minutes in an hour
                          X 24 hours in a day = Circumference in feet
Circumference = 130,900,000 feet

In its pristine state the planet’s circumference was a whole number. This is the first indication of intent. Divided by 5,280 feet in a mile, the circumference becomes identified as 24,791.66 miles. If the present circumference of the Earth is taken as 24,845 miles, the difference between these two figures is .0021%. It may be difficult to find two credentialed experts who will agree, but given the planet is estimated to have been spinning for some 5 billion years, this discrepancy is minuscule. The discrepancy is significant though as will be seen later.

An even more incredible fact is that if the pristine circumference is multiplied by another factor of 24 ( as in hrs./day,) the product is 3,141,600,000. This is an expression of Pi in the Macrocosm even to nine decimal places! It must be remembered that Pi is the ratio of a circle to its diameter rather than a given number. The Arabic numeral system we have adopted is inadequate to identify Pi either as a pure ratio, or an even figure. Pity those who spend time trying to run Pi out in its microcosmic form ( 3.14159XXXXX) to arrive at a point where it yields an infinite string of zeroes.

If we are at this point able to keep counsel with our own intelligence are we to think the exactitude of these dimensions is a random accident of something called the “ Big bang,” or are we intelligent enough to recognize the precision of this exactitude as having been intentional? What has been discovered herein are the scientific facts that overlay a natural material cosmic structure. And yet this is but the beginning of a theory that the Earth itself contains the keys to the universal master plan.

All this is to say that each edge of the Great Pyramid of Cheops is proportional inversely on the square to the circumference of the Earth as the circumference of the Earth is proportional inversely on the square to Macrocosmic Pi. The dimensions of Cheops capture the scale used for the creation of the planet. A scale belies a plan. A plan belies a planner. Essentially it is the Science of the Maker identified by the science of the made.

If mathematics, geophysics and geology are sciences, then this is the scientific evidence that a Creator does, or did, pre-exist the creation of the planet Earth and thus unifying science and religion.

Further exploration yields other facts which constitute checks and balances to the Macrocosmic formula. With every revolution the Earth circumscribes a minute arc segment of a master circumference which is an expression of Pi. The time interval for each revolution is taken as 86,400 seconds. If Macrocosmic Pi is divided by the number of seconds in a day the quotient is 36,362.25 This is equal to the total number of inches in the perimeter of Cheops. ( 757.523149 X 4 / 12) So both the smallest whole division of time, and the smallest whole division of measure are equally commensurate with a Macrocosmic expression of Pi. This represents the unification of Time and Measure with Macrocosmic Pi serving as the universal constant. This is one of the missing links in modern science.

Other checks and balances are found as we measure the tick of the clock. By the calendar in every 1,309 years are 15,708 months, which when multiplied by two produces another expression of Pi as a whole number, 31,416 months. While Macrocosmic Pi is identified by measure, this second identification of Pi as a whole number is identified by Time. This further entrenches Pi as the universal constant which unites Time and measure.

By maintaining an actual count of seconds for 1,309 years, and comparing it to its pristine number, it is possible to determine whether the Earth is expanding, contracting, or has remained static. If the Earth has expanded ( assuming Time is a constant,) it will take more seconds to complete a greater distance. If the Earth has contracted and arrives at its starting point sooner, with fewer seconds in a day, the Earth has contracted. This allows for the calibration of the constancy of Time in relation to Macrocosmic Pi.

These facts have not emerged as a matter of contemporary science. They have been re-discovered from the study of an ancient monument. What is evident is that the builders of the Great Pyramid of Cheops, whoever they were, and from wherever they came, knew the scale by which the Earth had been crafted. Knowing that the science of the Divine architect with its sacred geometry would not be understood, much less be passed down, by the indigenous population, knowing that there was no medium of storage that would last the ages needed for mankind to once more arrive at a level of cosmentation by which the message could be understood, they literally constructed it in stone. It has stood in silent splendor from then to now.

No one has seemed to notice that the circumference of the earth and the velocity needed to escape its gravitational field are virtually the same. Both are approximately 25,000 miles apiece. Gravity, according to Newton’s formula, is proportional inversely to the square of the distance. At 25,000 miles in circumference the force needed to escape the Earth’s gravitational field is also 25,000 m.p.h. If the Earth were to be compacted into a mass one quarter of its present size the escape velocity would be four times as great, or 100,000 m.p.h. But in Earth’s case the relationship may be deemed one to one. (Something binary here.)

The circumference is a common element of both the relationship of Time and measure, and of the Earth to its gravitation. This is the Rosetta Stone of quantum physics by which the Science of the Maker is identified by the Science of the Made. Religion being a matter of mere belief, it is by science that the existence of a Creator is given.

Copyright: Jennis Strickland
Potomac Falls, Va. 20165
October 2007