The very first question that religions seek to answer is "Does human consciousness survive the death of the body?" The answer to this question seems to be a resounding "Yes, it does!" It doesn't matter how far back in time archeologists go, they uncover ritual burials all over the planet. Where human remains are found interred with preparation and artifacts, we have evidence of this belief. Modern religions claim causation of the ‘afterlife,' but the knowledge that humankind are naturally immortal seems to be innate in all of us whether sophisticated or primitive. That our consciousness transcends the world of Time, Space, and Causation is something that has always been known. Most peoples have never doubted it. In modern times an argument has developed regarding who believed it first, and what the justification and rules are, for any particular claim or belief, as religions have turned the worship of the Highest into some kind of competition. Just how and why the worship of God got turned into a competitive act is a true mystery itself.

There is a popular prejudice, among even the so-called learned, that antiquity is synonymous with ignorance.There were however in the ancient world a number of great Mystery Schools which taught the experience of death and the control of consciousness to a degree which allowed their student initiates to experience both death and rebirth in the here and now.

They taught the mystery of the immortality of the human soul. Their work was the science of human regeneration.

One of the greatest of the Mystery Schools was in Egypt at Giza. One of the greatest of the initiates was a Hebrew known today as " Jesus the Christ." Reference for this is found in the New Testament of the King James version of the Bible at Revelations 11:8 which states:

" And their dead bodies shall lie in the streets of the great city which is spiritually called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified."

If the Bible is to be taken literally [ as most Christians insist it must, ]

"... where also our Lord was crucified, " means:

A. Jesus the Christ was crucified at least twice; and;

B. He had to have survived at least the first event.

Since this vastly ignored passage literally overturns the crux of Christian dogma it deserves serious consideration.

It is evident that the Great Pyramids at Giza, in the precision of their dimensions and construction techniques, represented a higher order of cosmentation than has yet been reached by modern science, which even now is playing catch-up. If Revelations 11:8 is factual, it is also evident the Mystery School at Giza was also in possession of methodology leading to trans-dimensional consciousness lost to modern times. Indeed, most people have never even conceived of it. Our religious life is ethical not mystical. Unquestioned obedience to dogma is the highest virtue. To question is to doubt, to doubt is to blaspheme, and to blaspheme is to go to hell. Therefore: to question is to go to hell. Blind faith is seen as the highest virtue.

While direct Divine experience is the post-mortem promised reward of religion today, its major assumption is that death adds something to us. At Giza such direct experience was a reality. This reality was not a matter of nationality, or religious affiliation. It was taught only to those candidates deemed most qualified for success.

The one known as ‘ Jesus the Christ 'is probably the best known. He was by all respects the greatest initiate ever to emerge from Giza, but there were many others including Moses, Pythagoras, Plato, Solon, Herotodus, Pliny. The teachings of these men remain in literature and academia to this day. But insofar as Jesus went so far beyond the accomplishments of others, and because He is the most well known of the graduates, His story makes for the best illustration.

Briefly, from the book we now call the ‘ Bible, ' we have it that Joseph and Mary took the baby Jesus into Egypt shortly after his birth to protect him from the wrath of King Herod, who certainly would have had Him killed. So almost immediately the Bible places Jesus in Egypt. He is not seen again until he is about 9 or 10, when the rabbis in Jerusalem marvel at the erudition of His knowledge. He does not appear again ( so it is said,) until the age of 30.

From the Bible we are given the outer teachings. Those grossly simplified concepts that a largely ignorant and illiterate population was capable of grasping. It is easy to understand how wise doctrines, disseminated among uncultured peoples, lost the name of action and degraded into theological despotism and fanatical superstition. The outer teachings were directed at a population that " hears and hears not," and " sees but sees not." For His disciples, Jesus gave the inner teachings.The inner teachings Jesus transmitted to His disciples came from the Mystery School at Giza. (According to John, what was recorded is but the smallest amount of total teaching. John stated that if all the teachings had been recorded they would have totaled more than all the books in the world. And yet today, the small amount that was recorded is taken as the entirety.) The inner teachings constitute a working system of knowledge and direct experience that goes far beyond anything the modern religions can even promise, much less achieve.

The Mystery Schools were operated in accordance with discovered and revealed natural universal laws.

There are several known to exist in antiquity including Chitzen Itza in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, Ireland ( became the Druids,) Tibet, China, India, and Babylon. According to Aesclepius they originated during the time that ‘ gods walked the Earth with men.' There was a transference of divine insight which resulted in architectural feedback. It may be said that the cosmic plan was revealed.

Egyptian mystics could levitate, handle fire, live under water, sustain great pressure, harmlessly suffer mutilation, read the past, foretell the future, make themselves invisible, and cure disease. According to Proclus the initiated priests so fully understood the mutual sympathy between the visible and invisible worlds that they were able to change the course of action and focus divine virtues upon inferior natures. According to Plato, the highest form of magic consisted in the divine worship of the gods, and according to Iamblichus, the priests, through sacerdotal theurgy, were able to ascend from a material state of consciousness to an understanding of universal purpose by which performance of high feats of magic became possible. The term 'magic' was not associated with occult jugglery by the Egyptians, but arose from a profound understanding of natural law.

Superstition is closely involved with the supernatural, but magic infers knowledge of the superphysical.

These Egyptian priests held it to be true that the visible and the invisible, or the seen and unseen, together constitute nature. Nature is as much an invisible world as it is a visible world. They recognized that the divine plan which underlies the world of Time, Space, and Causation can not be accessed in the Macrocosm, but was available in the Microcosm, which was an internalization of faculties. The Mystery School at Giza possessed a form of learning which has not been conferred upon the present race.

What is evident is that the knowledge possessed during the times the Pyramids are said to have been built included a complete grasp of astronomy, solar systems, planetary bodies, distances, the procession of the equinoxes, the fixed star groupings, and the decans and dodecanates of the zodiac. They found the cosmos of mathematically controlled regularity, an order of ever-turning cycles. Egypt did not have the capacity to produce a mind that was capable of this. This does not fit in with modern concepts regarding the state of the world when the Pyramids were believed to have been built. The only answer is that the builders had knowledge among themselves that had not been distributed to the people. Even the rulers did not possess this knowledge, which was held by a cult of architects and artificers.

The Mystery School at Giza never was a part of the Pharaonic Egyptian pantheon.

They were builders of monuments who knew the planetary proportions in relation to the cosmos,(see ‘ Science of the Maker,') and utilized a system of mathematics which preceded Pythagoras and Euclid. It is not possible to determine the true origin of this knowledge, but the evidence is that they did possess it. It has also proven impossible to determine the exact building methods used in construction of the Pyramids.The idea that a combination of hired, slave, volunteer, and impressed labor won't hold water. These hypotheses are not sufficient to explain the amount of work expended in construction.

The fact that the Pyramids were built without use of the wheel is the greatest of the unanswered questions regarding pyramid construction. No expert has ever really addressed the question. The idea that blocks of as much as 140,000 pounds were elevated up ramps using only human labor is so improbable, most experts just gloss over the topic.

The building of the Great Pyramids required skills and instruments that we do not believe Pharaonic Egypt possessed. We project the use of magical or supernatural forces because it transcends our own knowledge. The supernatural theory is comfortable because it falls back to esoterism, and the ancient Egyptians were thought to be of esoteric nature. We know they had advanced knowledge of natural law far ahead of their time. They also took responsibility for the use of natural law far ahead of our time.

They knew the natural laws of consciousness and had a deep appreciation for the immensity and integrity of the universal plan. They discovered you can not break natural law without suffering. They never developed the strange egoism, or egotism that God is depending upon us to take care of His divine plan. They realized or believed themselves servants of an infinite underlying reality.

It is well nigh incomprehensible how the modern world can recognize the genius of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, and Euclid, and yet reject in toto the religious and philosophical systems of which they were the product. We also perceive them developing their metaphysical science to the establishment of a magnificent philosophy of conscious immortality, and the wresting from death of its terrifying power.

The neo-Alexandrian mysticism of Plotinus and Proclus defined mysticism as an internalization of faculties that releases certain esoteric forces within the individual. Very often this gives rise to a less fortunate situation called psychism, resulting in the production of psychic phenomena. Mystics are inclined to disbelieve in the psychic forces of life and find them inconsistent, as they arise mainly from the imagination. Psychism therefore leads to difficulties while mysticism leads to attainment. They are not the same thing. A great confusion exists regarding these two elements in lay minds. Lay minds have no authority to define mystic teachings.

It is evident that the builders of the Great Pyramids had wisdom and knowledge unknown in modern times. If these buildings had not survived, and we only had legendary reports of them from antiquity, not a soul alive today would believe they had ever been built. The only reason we accept it is because they are there. The more we study, the less we know. We have to revise our understanding of what the ancient world was like. We must not assume that we arose from a barbarian state that but a few thousand years ago was nothing but a colossal ignorance. This kind of thinking will not hold. Somewhere along the way were tremendous minds with a great body of knowledge that was capable of planning and executing magnificent works of skill, wisdom, and beauty.

The ancient Egyptians themselves thought that in remote antiquity gods had been with men; that deities and divine powers had walked the earth. This may be regarded as symbolical. More likely is the idea that in remote times the human being was naturally mystical, naturally possessed powers of extra sensory perception, and could communicate, understand, estimate, and react to the Divine principles upon which the universe is based. These would not be men walking among gods, but men with the god consciousness not obscured as it is now.

Gradually over time, the material world has taken over. The ancients had a relatively simple existence. There were no population problems, no extensive competition in trade, and war was limited to a few militarists now and then. People lived a quiet and natural life completely dependent on their insights into universal laws. Largely unaffected by the opinions of their contemporaries, individuals possessed the complete knowledge that they had the skills and abilities to intuit nearly everything necessary to their own survival. The rise of materialism has been the demise of mankind's trust in natural order. The Earth today is the arena of the ambitious.

The leaders of these intuitive procedures were members of a great sacerdotal brotherhood. These mysterious sages, the wise men of pre-antiquity, were the first ones of the earth who knew natural law. They were the giants of of mind and thought, and were the creators of the tradition which descended into Egypt. A tradition based on the internal development of spiritual resources. It is believed this tradition originated in India from vanished civilizations which existed 5 to 10,000 years ago. Their great body of knowledge was in the hands or keeping of a few persons who set up the systems of mysteries operating in Egypt, Greece, and the Roman empire.

The initiate system, prevailing in Egypt, was based upon one tremendous point, that the individual should learn factually, actually, and beyond question through personal experience that death is an illusion. Immortality is the summit of man's problem. They had developed a science by which they could communicate the fact, example, and circumstance of death directly to another person. In other words, the initiates of the Mystery Schools, were persons who had lived, died, and been born again in this world.

That immortality is demonstrable is beyond question, not as the result of communication, not because certain famous personalities said they believed it, or because it was written in a sacred book. But because the individual who believed it had died, passed through the experience, and come back to life.

This was the burden of the Mystery Schools, to prove conclusively that death was not the end of anything. Immortality was something that could not be denied for it had been an actual experience in the life of the initiate of the mysteries.

The ancient philosophy of life was built upon the internality of life. Life was a matter of everlastingness and there was no end to it. In the mysteries the candidate went through it himself as an actual fact. That is to say an initiate passed through the thresh hold of death, beheld the spirits dwelling therein and returned again. The individual then knew the truth of immortality not because of faith or belief, but because with the right ceremonies and esoteric practices in the temple (Cheops,) he had lived through it and come back alive; came out of darkness into the light, and knew as a certainty beyond question that there was no death.

The main point was to establish the reality of survival and its associated consciousness, or the concept of the rebirth. Rebirth is simply immortality spaced out, part of the everlasting, ever lovingness of everything that exists. The ancients had very little fear of death. This world was seen as the antechamber of eternity.

Alexandrian mystics referred to the Great Pyramid as the tomb of Hermes. But it was not a tomb. It was a symbol of the gateway to the other world and the way of return. In its inner chambers an initiation rite was sustained by use of esoteric skills and powers little known at the present time.

It was believed to be the tomb of wisdom, the House of the Hidden Places. This mysterious structure may be seen as a monument to eternity. Eternity is not a long period of Time, but another dimension. It was the House of the Second Birth. Porphyry and Plotinus held that the human body comes out of a womb and then becomes the womb of the second birth for the individual who attains enlightenment, having transcended the limitations of the body. Those who did not achieve this were born into an unembodied state at the end of life. This pattern is regarded as part of predictable, natural, universal law.

The significance of the realization that there is no termination, no end, that the labors of a life are never lost. The achievements of a life are ever necessary. The individual who thought his virtues would die with him, and the ones who thought their vices would be forgotten at death are wrong.

There is an interruption in the place, but not the state of individual consciousness. There is an interruption between the individual and the material body, but no interruption of the continuity of life within that body.

The mystic concept of life was that there were two ways of growing. One; to grow slowly by cause and effect over hundreds of lifetimes, where, by the labors of living, the world becomes a place of initiation; and two; the wise man's way: to pass through death by conscious intent and purification, and thereby experience the mystery of the whole cycle in one embodiment. To accomplish the latter, one lifetime must be accompanied by the accomplishments of hundreds of lifetimes in this one embodiment. This is not just a short cut, but a gathering up, intensifying, and quickening of the natural process of human generation.

And so we come back to the exemplar known as Jesus the Christ, who is said in Revelations 11:8 to have been crucified in Egypt. What form does this crucifixion take ? Not the gruesome scenario where the Son of God is tortured prior to being murdered while staked onto a cross, but a ceremonial crucifixion as practiced in the Mystery School at Giza, within the walls of the Great Pyramid.


In this ceremony, which is at once an initiation and the ultimate test of the control of consciousness, the candidate for initiation, having fasted and meditated properly, takes his place upon the altar of the cross, which is like a table in the form of the Roman numeral X. We would say 'spread eagle.' There, 12 priests, each attired in the robe of their degree, wearing headgear representing the signs of the zodiac, and being in ritually correct position, begin a chant. This chant ( which may also be deemed a mantrum, a sound, a tonality, the word that was good in the beginning,) creates a resonance, amplified by the stone of the chamber, which facilitates the candidate's journey inward to higher planes of mentation.

The candidate for initiation then self induces, through breath control and training, what may be called a cataleptic state. His heartbeat slows down and is suspended, and his breathing stops. In addition there is the intentional stopping of the spontaneous activity of the mind, i.e. thought. This may be likened to a breathless pause. Thus freed from attachment to the body, the spirit body draws within and enters realms of higher levels of mentation where it takes instruction from the great masters of consciousness.

As defined by Swami Vivekananda of the Vedanta Society of the Ramakrishna Mission this is a state of supersensual access to realms of superconscious mentation

This bestows the positive acquisition of metaphysical knowledge and superphysical power. The candidate remains in this state for three days. As it returns to the physical, as it descends from the planes of higher consciousness, marks are placed upon the spirit body to indicate the degrees of experience achieved. As the spirit re-animates the body these marks appear in the flesh. They are called stigmata. One who has done this successfully becomes Christed. Christ is a title, not a name. Jesus the Christ. The most successful one among the many.

This explains the biblical statement that he who would save his life must lose it, and he who loses his life for the sake of truth shall gain his life back more abundently.

The science of consciousness has nothing to do with religion, which is the methods mankind has devised to worship God. The worship of God involves belief. The science of consciousness involves direct experience.

The training was long, hard, and arduous. At every stage of learning students were tested to determine their achievement. The tests were ceremonial, each one an initiation into increasingly more difficult degrees of the knowledge of natural universal law. The first time a student failed an initiation, they were awarded the title of the last degree attained, and were not allowed to proceed further.

By tradition the degreed initiates would leave the cloistered environment of Giza and venture forth to set up their own chapter of the mysteries, where they would attract students, and generate disciples qualified to receive the inner teachings of the science of consciousness. Initiates spent half a lifetime in learning and the other half in realization.

They taught not from theory but from experience. No experience can be taught. Only the way to obtain an experience can be taught.

This was the purpose of the great Mystery Schools; to teach the methodology to access the infinite, of direct experience with God itself.

A great many of these initiates are known even to this day; Moses, Pythagoras, Euclid, Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, Herodotus, Solon, Heraclitus, Plotinus, Hypocrates, and many more were initiated in Cheops under the aegis of the Mystery School. They introduced concepts of mathematics, geometry, logic, architecture, music, literature, art, philosophy, astronomy, astrology, medicine, law, ethics, morals, survey, physics, and government to touch on just a few, as by-products of their most significant quest!

The question is whether or not there can be a recovery of the mythological, mystical realization of the miracle of life of which human beings are a manifestation. We must all wake up to the fact that we are a manifestation of the eternal. Eternity is not a long span of time, but another dimension. Eternity may not be divided in any way, shape, or form. We are not in exile. Super-consciousness is within us. We can not be exiled from it. We are the truth above all truth because we can experience it. All that has happened is we have forgotten how to obtain it ! We no longer know how to open our consciousness to the infinite presence that is perpetually within us. We all have the capacity for cosmental consciousness. What is lacking is methodology to achieve it.

When this knowledge is recovered we will all be elgible to become Christed instead of merely worshipping the personality of a long departed Christ.


What we are calling the Great Pyramid of Cheops contains the archives of antiquity.

The why's and wherefore's of the natural laws governing the universe and the consciousness within it are inside Cheops.

These materials were left waiting for the times when once again mankind would have the mentation to appreciate them for what they are. That time is now.

It is proven that unopened chambers exist within the structure. At least one entrance has been identified.

Religion notwithstanding,there are simply no rational archeological, academic, or scientific reasons not to re-open Cheops.

The main impediment i.e. the idea that the Great Pyramids were built as tombs for Pharaohs has recently fallen. Dr. Zahi Hawass ( Head of the Egyptian Antiquities Organization,) has bravely repudiated the erroneous legacy inherited from previous 'experts.'

Since this governing fallacy has been put to rest, the keys to transcendental consciousness, that is to say, immortality, will be within our grasp in the here and now.


The Time Has Come to Open Cheops